Google Announced, Mobile-First Indexing Update July 1st 2019

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Are you familiar with “Mobile-First” indexing?

If not, pay attention to what we are about to say because this is very IMPORTANT. It will affect you and your business!

‘Mobile-First’ indexing is a term used to describe a MAJOR change in how Google ranks websites.
Starting July 1, 2019, Mobile-First Indexing will be used to index “all-new, previously unknown to Google Search, websites.”

How does that affect me? – I can hear you say.

Well, let’s say take two websites – Your website and a competitors website, and your website is superior in content, it has more traffic, and it’s ranked above the competition. But come July 1st 2019 and your website might be outranked by the competition out of nowhere. Why? Because the other website loads much faster than yours and is mobile friendly! For argument’s sake, if there are two websites, both with the same content, the Fastest loading website across all devices (especially Mobile) will get the thumbs up from Google and they will give it preference in the rankings. Do you see the importance now? We are not trying to alarm you or anything, but this could be your website in a matter of days.

Mobile-First Indexing by default for new domains.

For the last 3 years, since Google was first hitting the headlines for revealing it’s mobile-first indexing – our research has suggested most websites are not going to run into any problems for this technique of crawling. This is because most, especially new, websites have been coded to the latest standards and are mobile-friendly by default. The websites which are most likely to see a drop in search engine rankings are those that are over a few years old and have been neglected any updates.

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