Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website

How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Business Website

How do you know how to select the best domain name?

Well, it takes a combination of many, and mindful, factors to consider and choose the right domain name for your website. You have to think of what your business represents, sprinkle in a little imagination and use a domain that’s simple for customers to absorb as well as doesn’t have misspellings, numbers or hyphens. Also, search for a domain that represents your brand name, includes your company name, slogan or keywords connected with your targeted particular niche.

Why is the name so important anyway?

A company’s domain name is among one of the most essential elements of its identification simply since we reside in the online age where clients will certainly search for a service on the internet before they really ask friends or families for recommendations.

So, the initial thing clients find is the name of your business, which to the customers’ mind stands for a large part of your brand identification.

What about the domain extension, is a .com still best?

Although it really shouldn’t make a difference, in theory, for SEO and user trust, we recommend that you should always go for .com if it’s available or a “” extension which is equally as good if you are in the United Kingdom. If you are in the UK. We recommend that you get both the “” and the “.com” if they are available, then use the version as your primary domain, where your website is stored, and redirect the .com to that.

These days there are all sorts of domain extensions available and they are releasing more and more all the time. There are really specific niche related ones now like “.dog”, “.golf” and even “.lol”.

More about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and domain names.

When searching for a product and services online, most people will certainly click on the first sites that appear in Google that appears in the search results without scrolling too far down to learn what other websites are around. So, no matter how good your web design is, if your business is not included in the first couple of pages you are not very likely to receive many clicks, and therefore customers.

What does your domain name have to do with all this? Well, in addition to providing appropriate and quality content on your website and providing the users what they are searching for. Google generally favours websites with shorter domain names over lengthy and difficult ones. This is because Google gives preference to brands over other entities in the search results.

Branding and Domain names

It’s important to remember that the first impressions last, so if you tend to make a great impression with people that visit your website by giving them a short, easy to remember, appealing and also an impactful brand name that they’ll remember.

As long as it catches truth spirit of your brand name as well as what you’re attempting to accomplish while additionally keeping it short, you have actually got a great domain name for your website

Other advantages of branded domain names

You’ll Have a Branded Email which looks professional and user trust that more than using a Gmail, or Outlook or Yahoo email address. With a branded e-mail address (an email address that matches your website domain name), clients will be much more willing to take your company seriously since it reveals your degree of financial investment in it as well.

What is the perfect Domain Name?

The most effective domain names have all the same features in common. Specifically, they’re short, simple as well as unforgettable.

At the end of the day, it is very important to stick to the fundamentals as well as make certain that your domain explains what your organisation represents, which industry you remain in, and how you intend to offer your customers. Take our website, for example,, this is a four-letter domain name that is an acronym for what we specialise in Websites and SEO and its super easy to remember. Our company is registered as WSEO Ltd.

To summarise, there are lots of things to consider when choosing the best domain name for your business website, here are the most important tips when choosing your new domain.

  1. Branding in Your Domain

Google uses ‘brand name signals’ to differentiate excellent quality sites from low-quality sites, so you are more likely to rank higher in the search results.

  1. Avoid Hyphenated Keywords or Numbers in your Domain

Stay clear of domain names that consist of numerous search phrases separated by hyphens, such as “”. Having numbers in your domain can be confusing for people to remember or understand when told verbally, for example; is that “” or “”

  1. Keep it short

Try to maintain your domain to around 15 letters or less. With domain names, the shorter it is the easier it is to remember, which is always better.

  1. Choose a .com or where possible

Always go for a “.com” or a “” domain name extension for a business website in the UK if they are available as these are the most trusted domain extensions by both Google and users.